Our Team

At Torch, we embody a relentless commitment to illuminating pathways towards positive change. As proactive bridge builders, we leverage our principled approach and expertise as technology and business leaders to innovate solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and families. Our passion for financial clarity fuels our efforts to influence policy changes, combat poverty, and create opportunities for sustainable growth. Through the beacon of Torch, we ignite a future where financial empowerment is accessible to all, transforming lives and fostering thriving communities.


Chief Executive Officer


  • Three-time CEO
  • Saas, GovTech, and FinTech industries
  • Successful startup experience
  • Nuclear Engineer, United States Navy
  • MBA, Edinburgh School of Business
  • Climber of literal and figurative mountains
  • Aviation enthusiast
  • Loves coffee, spicy food, complicated home projects, and cheering on Denver teams with his family


Chief Technology Officer


  • Two-time Technology Executive
  • 20 years experience with four companies across three industries
  • B.S. University of Kentucky, Computer Science
  • Kentucky Wildcats Basketball superfan
  • Can still beat his three sons at cornhole
  • Loves chess, homebrewing, cooking, and spending time with his family


Chief Revenue Officer


  • Saas, GovTech, FinTech, and Non-profit Industries
  • 15+ years of executive experience in Business Operations, Development, and Product Management
  • B.S. University of Delaware, Business Administration
  • Loves outdoor adventures with his family, good coffee, and problem solving
  • Best high-shelf reacher on the team
  • Yes, that is an East Coast accent


Chief Marketing Officer


  • 10+ years of technology marketing leadership across multiple industries
  • B.S. Kansas State University, Business Marketing
  • Bookish, but in a fun way
  • Loves Christmas, tennis, travel, cooking, puzzles, and spontaneous family dance parties
  • Probably the best tree climber you know


VP of Operations


  • 10+ years of software product and customer management success
  • Loves dogs, books, and detailed feature requests
  • Mountain enthusiast
  • Powerpoint hotshot
  • Detroit Lions fan (before it was cool)

The values we live by


Guided by our unwavering principles and ethical standards, we uphold integrity and accountability in every decision and action.


Fueled by unwavering passion and dedication, we approach our mission with enthusiasm, persistence, and a relentless drive to make a positive impact.


Anticipating our partners needs and challenges, we take action to continuously improve all we do.


Embracing continuous innovation, we are always exploring new ideas, technologies, and methods to drive progress and transformation to better serve our partners.


Leveraging our deep expertise in fintech serving nonprofits, businesses, and the public sector, we deliver tailored solutions and insights that make meaningful impacts to all our partners.


Prioritizing tangible results and impactful outcomes, we ensure our actions generate meaningful benefits and deliver clarity in the fintech industry.