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Empowering Financial Futures

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What We Do

At Torch, we are dedicated to igniting a future where financial empowerment is accessible to all, transforming lives and fostering thriving communities. 

Our financial planning, analysis, and modeling platform, LUMINATE, delivers clarity to everyone, across multiple sectors

Families & Individuals

Financial planning and decision modeling, including benefits cliffs and taxes

Workforce Centers & Non-Profits

Client financial planning; Program efficacy insights; Increased fundraising

Governments & Legislators

Policy change impact modeling and prediction; Program efficacy data

Businesses & Employers

Improved retention; Clear comp modeling; Professional development for workers


“[As a participant] the LUMINATE let’s me know I’m not crazy.”
LUMINATE helps me do my job better. It gives quantitative data to what our clients experience and what their lives can look like."
I think most people have been really encouraged after using LUMINATE. So many people have never budgeted before, so it is really interesting and enlightening to really sit down and get full clarity on your spending.