The Problem

The financial services industry fails to provide solutions which address the complexities faced by lower-wage workers. More than 85m workers earn less than $35k per year.

Low-income workers lack financial clarity, creating doubt and uncertainty when making financial decisions due to the complexity of benefits, taxes, and expenditures.

This financial uncertainty also affects non-profits seeking to help individuals and families escape poverty, governments and legislators serving constituents and making policy changes, and businesses and employers struggling with hiring, retention, and employee development.

Our Solution

Torch's financial planning platform, LUMINATE, transforms collaboration for economic empowerment through seamless budgeting, benefit integration, and tax code incorporation.



Our Platform Delivers

Personalized insights that help people plan and escape poverty

Data and policy modeling to identify gaps and improvements in government policy and programs


Data to aid non-profits and workforce entities in achieving improved outcomes

Workforce analysis and business intelligence to aid employers with hiring, retention, and employee professional development


Scenario-based Modeling

LUMINATE allows you to compare different financial situations side-by-side, to make informed decisions.

User Interface

The step-by-step interface will walk coaches through what to ask participants and simplifies data entry.

Benefits Calculations

Using data entered, LUMINATE calculates benefits eligibility and amounts to remove guesswork on a case-by-case basis.

Tax Return Estimates

Calculate federal and state tax filing information to understand monthly cash flow vs annual income.

Advanced Visualizations

Easy-to-read charts and graphs clearly display paint a clear picture and reduce uncertainty.

Budgeting Tools

Gain insight into the financial situation and help you participants plan for long-term goals.